Pool Accessories

Canaxy’s Accessory Display Program

Many sell accessories, but Canaxy is offering a loaded “Display” which it believes offers distributors another profitable accessory option for their customers.

The display includes 10 of the most common accessory items which can be placed in an optimal store location during the pool start-up weeks.

In addition to sales to pool industry dealers, this display which has no chemicals may provide sales opportunities to other local retailers not normally involved in Pool & Spa.

The Canaxy brand REFLECT will be used on packaging as needed.

In the final shipping configuration, equipment shown will be in individual unit packaging with barcodes.

Canaxy Pool Accessories

The Display’s 10 Items


Displays will arrive in an easily removable corrugated box on a pallet. Each display and accessory will have a unique GS1 generated barcode.

Minimum Order Quantity: 36 Displays per 40 ft container.


The display is a seasonal item, ideally positioned in a high traffic store location during the primary weeks of pool openings. Ideally, retail sales will be a consumer “impulse buy” which tend to be less price sensitive.

The signage on top of display can be unique to the customer’s needs depending on volume.

Canaxy Pool Accessories